About Me

I love learning new things, experiencing the world around me.  I have gained a lot of knowledge over the years, through education, employment, as well as just studying topics in areas of interest.  With this knowledge, I love helping others.  I love doing new things.  If you are looking for help in any of the following areas, reach out to me:

HaliPawz@aol.com or 816-872-8450  Let me know what area you need help in and let’s see what we can do to make it happen.

My motto is, “You give me the dream, I’ll give you the solution to make it happen” 

Current Knowledge / Availability:

Freelance Writer – If you need content written for your website, product reviews, event coverage, let me know.  Reach out to me, let me know what it is you need done.  I’ll work out a price for you.  Can be a one time thing or set up on a continual basis.

Small Business Start-Up Consultant / Small Business Management – Getting ready to start your own business and feeling overwhelmed?  You have the talent but not the management skills?  I have experience helping small businesses, churches, as well as 501(c)3 organizations get up and running with ease.  From branding, business planning, employee hiring and training, website development, content.  You share with me the areas you need help with, I give you the solutions.  Depending on the contract, I will stay with you throughout the first 30, 60, or 90 days of Grand Opening / Official Launch.

Social Media Manager – Are you a small business owner or managing a 501(c)3 organization who is overwhelmed with Social Media?  I can manage the different platforms, help with content, both organic and shared, as well as help you learn how to navigate it as well.  I offer different packages based on your business needs. I can also do special event social media coverage.  If your business organization is having a special event you want promoted via social media, I can handle all of those details for you starting one month prior (or later), the day(s) of the event, as well as one week following

Brand Ambassador – Have a product you need showcased?  Need someone to share your brand for you?  I will meet with you, if it is a brand I can support, I will work with you on it.  I will not accept any brand which goes against anything I believe in.

Optician – I love the optical industry.  I love helping others discover the best solutions for all of their eye care needs.  Schedule too busy to pick out eye wear?  Have a special needs family member where they will be more comfortable picking out eye wear in their own environment?  Not a problem.  I do a 5 – 15 minute phone or Skype conversation, get all of the details about what your are looking for, then set up a time to bring the frames to you for you to choose from.  We can do multiple family members at once if that is easier for you.  All you need is a valid eyeglass prescription and I will do the rest.

Ordained Minister – Yes, I said it.  I am an ordained minister.  I can perform weddings, funerals, and special events.  As someone who isn’t a fan of organized religion, I want your event to go the way YOU want it to go, your style, your location; as long as it’s legal, I’ll perform the ceremony.  Want to get married at 12:01am on a special day?  I’ll do it.  I enjoy the unique but can also perform a traditional ceremony.  All services will be catered to fit your needs.

About who I am:

I live in Kansas City, Missouri with my two dogs; Zipper, my Jack Russell Terrier and Bella, my Neapolitan Mastiff.  I am an avid dog / animal lover.

As a child of a parent who suffered from Alzheimer’s for 10 years, I am also an avid supporter of all endeavors to find a cure for such a horrific disease.

I love to give back, volunteering my time for causes I feel are important to me.

Stay busy, keep learning, keep loving life.  Words I live by every day.

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