Capitalizing on fame to pick the party to sue; Caitlyn Jenner gets the odds this week – Paula Halifax

A second lawsuit was filed against Caitlyn Jenner for an accident she was involved in back in February before she transitioned and was Bruce Jenner.

Talent Manager, Jessica Marie Steindorff, claims Caitlyn, when she was Bruce, operated her vehicle “negligently, carelessly, recklessly, and wontonly” and caused the collision.

This is where I have to pause from sharing the story to sharing my thoughts.  According to all counts of the story, Steindorff was in a 2010 Toyota Prius, stopped in traffic (Car #1) when she was rear ended by a white Lexus (Car #2).  So far, I would say the white Lexus CAUSED the collision.

The Lexus was rear ended by Jenner’s Black Caddilac Escalade SUV (Car 3) TOWING a trailer with an all-terrain vehicle on it. This impact propelled the Lexus into traffic where it collided with a black Hummer H2(Car 4). Sadly, the driver of the white Lexus, Kim Howe (69 Calabasas, California) died on the scene.

Five children and two other adults were hospitalized for injuries from the accident as well.

It was a horrible accident. I feel bad for all parties involved.  Here’s what I don’t understand…why go after Jenner? Howe’s family has also filed a civil lawsuit against her seeking unspecified damages but she was the one who REAR ENDED Steindorff, not Jenner.

Photo from KABC showing accident involving Jenner Feb 2015

The accident took place on California’s Pacific Coast Highway, which is always heavily filled with traffic.  Jenner was pulling a trailer, so it would have been MORE difficult to stop suddenly.  It also would have more weight. An object in motion….. Even if she had been maintaining a safe distance, given the fact the Lexus rear ended the Prius, it would be safe to assume the Lexus didn’t give fair warning of stopping (brake lights) in order for Jenner to sufficiently be alerted to slow down / stop.

So it comes down to this…in a chain reaction of four cars, WHO gets sued? Is it the guilty party or is the one who is the most famous? Has the deepest pockets?

Not to mention, Steindorff wasn’t even supposed to be driving! Her license had been suspended for an unpaid ticket. Had she been following the law, she wouldn’t have been on the road, therefore NONE of this would have happened. Why aren’t all parties suing her?

According to another report, Howe was driving on an expired license that expired back in 2007! Same theory applies as the suspended license.

Photo from CNN Shows accident scene involving Jenner Feb 2015

All reports show Jenner passed a sobriety test, turned over her cell phone records to prove she wasn’t texting, and was not evading the paparazzi, even though they were closely following her.

As we live in a litigious society, where lawyers meet with lawyers to bargain down a claim to avoid more unwanted publicity and court time, I hope Jenner, if truly innocent, stands her ground and fights.  When accidents and tragedies occur because of others failing to follow the law, the one with the deepest pockets should not have to foot the bill.

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E! Will have 8 Part Documentary on Caitlyn Jenner – Paula Halifax

E! News and the Today Show just revealed there will be an 8 part documentary on Caitlyn Jenner.  It will feature her in her new life as a woman.  Caitlyn, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, talks about having her makeup done for the first time professionally and the challenges women face daily.

While Caitlyn (as Bruce) has been seen over the years on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, as husband to Kris and father to the siblings, it is important to understand this is not about KUWTK, but about a man who felt like he was living a lie his whole life being a man and now she is finally able to be who she truly believes she is.

She has been given the opportunity to make transgender a household name. In one interview, she said “Maybe this is my greatest calling in life.”

Transgender may be something you don’t feel comfortable with and that’s ok.  Empathy and compassion for all are important.

Some Christians would say it is against God and I would challenge them with this thought.  If, as a Christian, you believe we all have to live in the bodies we are born with, think about this.  Our bodies are made up of genetic DNA. It is through this we have the chromosomes which make us male and female.  What happens when that genetic make-up tips a little more one way than the other.  For example, some women are born and absolutely love everything “girly” and pink and fluffy….no one thinks, oh, she is too much of a girl.  If another girl is born and turns out to be rough and tumble, likes to get dirty, she is labeled “Tom-Boy” but still thought of as a girl.  It has been proven these styles have nothing to do with the household.  A girl is going to be the girl she wants to be.  Now, take those same girls and have there genetic makeup tip more in one way or another, causing them to find other girls attractive, this could lead to them being lesbian.  If their genetic makeup leads them to feeling like they are just in the wrong body altogether, it is almost accepted in society for a girl to look or act “boyish” but as a society, we refuse to want to accept it when it is a man wanting to look or be feminine.

Caitlyn Jenner is showing the world it is OK to be WHO you are. When she had a male body, she was strong, she was fearless, she was an adrenaline junky….now she can still be that, and be a beautiful woman too.  She can be strong AND womanly.

Her platform is just beginning.  It will open the door for so many discussions.

If you accept it, GREAT, if you are bothered by it, ask yourself why?

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Caitlyn is the new Bruce; Bruce Jenner reveals his new look – Paula Halifax

Bruce Jenner, 65, made a name for himself long before Keeping Up With The Kardashians became a household word.  As Bruce, he won a gold medal in the decathlon in Montreal, Canada during the 1976 Summer Olympic games.  He then went on to do television movies as well at being a motivational speaker.  Married to Kris Jenner for almost 24 years, he then became known all over again as the Kardashian family wove their way into the homes of so many viewers each week on their show.

Bruce is now using his name, his fame, and his ability to motivate in a whole new way.  He is now a she.  She, in true Jenner fashion, is coming out to the world as Cailtlyn Jenner in a big way.   If you want photos taken of you with a new look, who do you call? World famous photographer, Annie Leibovitz.  What platform should the pictures be visible?  Vanity Fair of course!  Vanity Fair debuted their July cover of Jenner and it is stunning.  Jenner is wearing a beautiful white corseted body suit and long, flowing hair.

Jenner, who has children with Kris as well as other children from a previous relationship, clearly has the support of her children, her ex wife, and millions of fans.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Jenner states, “”If I was lying on my deathbed and I had kept this secret and never ever did anything about it, I would be lying there saying, ‘You just blew your entire life.”

With Jenner being so open and honest about her feelings leading up to this decision, she is putting a new face to the support of all of those believing they are living in the wrong body.  By following the family and hearing their raw words, you gain an insight to not only the feelings of the one transitioning but to the loved ones who are on the journey with them.

I wish Caitlyn and the entire Jenner / Kardashian family all the best as they navigate this new life.

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Rats prefer sexy underwear over nakedness – Paula Halifax

I’m all for interesting studies being done, but this one is a little out there, even for me.  According to a study done by researchers at Concordia University in Montreal, male rats prefer to have sex with female rats in lingerie.

Let’s break this down a little more.  12 virgin male rats were allowed to have sex with female rats wearing specially designed jackets.  The sexcapades were repeated multiple times.  The last time, the rats were put in an open field with a mouse who had the jacket on and a mouse who did not.  It appears more of the rats preferred the mouse with the jacket on and they “stroked” the jacket with their whiskers.

Not to stop there, the experiment was repeated again, with some slight variations.  The second test, they took 12 more virgin male rats, allowed them to have sex multiple times with female rats wearing jackets, then with female rats not wearing jackets but the non jacketed females were not as sexually receptive.  Once again, placed in an open field with jacketed and non jacketed females, the male rats ejaculated quicker and ejaculated more with the jacketed females.

Their overall findings were that the male rats could learn to associate the jackets with sexually pleasing encounters.

My scientific mind would have liked to have seen a third trial.  Where 12 more virgin rats were placed with non jacketed, sexually responsive females and then with jacketed, non-sexually responsive females, and then see which female those males chose.  Let’s face it, is it about the jacket or about the sexual response of the female that excited the male rats?

Bottom line, ladies, if you’re sexually responsive AND wear lingerie, it looks like you’ll make men happy!

Fireballs shooting from your wrist like a Superhero? Now you can! – Paula Halifax

Is your inner Superhero craving to come out?  Ellusionist Adam Wilber is making it even easier with is Pyro Fireshooter.  Pyro is a wrist worn, James Bond style device that allows you to give the appearance of shooting fireballs out of the palm of your hand.

The unit fits on the underside of your wrist, so your palm remains completely empty.  With a remote control you keep hidden in your other hand, just give your fist a squeeze, and fire will shoot out of one of the four separate chambers.

Safety is important and great care was taken not only in the manufacturing of the unit but in the training DVD that comes with it along with a protective sleeve.  It is not a toy and can only be purchased and used by adults, you know, being shooting fire and all.

At $174, it is not a cheap “toy” to own, plus you have to supply batteries and additional flash cotton and flash paper, but, let’s face it, does any of it really matter when you get to look like a Badass Superhero?

Lego offering beauty tips? Is Fashion close behind? – Paula Halifax

Legos; the toy building blocks parents curse when they step on one in the dark, has been taking steps to change their image over the last few years, trying to cater to both genders, not just boys.  Perhaps those steps are going just a little too far.  In the March-April edition of Lego Club Magazine, there was a page offering “Emma’s Beauty Tips” where they offer the readers tips on picking the best haircut for their face shape and encourages them to “experiment with bows, barrettes, and headbands!”

The Danish Company, founded in Billund, Denmark by Ole Kirk Christiansen had been, up to about 2008, notoriously geared towards boys.  After a few hit and misses, in 2011, they launched Lego Friends, a product geared towards girls.  While still keeping the creative construction element Legos are known for, they have softened the faces, making them more realistic, added brighter colors to their pieces, and made the sets more focused on activities girls would be interested in.

Lego Friends doubled the company expectations their first year and have continued to grow in popularity.  While parents are not questioning the choice to introduce sets like beauty shops, cafés, and more accessories, what has them up In arms in their choice of offering beauty tips with toys geared towards the age ranges of four to twelve years old.

The article in question also included tips on blow drying or brushing your hair.  This is not the first time Lego has been brought under scrutiny for what some parents consider a “sexist” attitude towards the differences in their products targeted for boys and for girls, but in an age of beauty identification, many feel they have taken it too far.  The magazine has girls questioning their face shape and wondering if their hair style is appropriate.

With all of the backlash Lego received, they have since changed their page 5 article.  It is now a fill in article about choosing an ice cream flavor.  Maybe next month they will have an article about choosing the right outfit to go with a girl’s body shape to go with that ice cream!

Lego Friends Heartlake Hair Salon

Lego Friends Heartlake Hair Salon

Powdered alcohol is really a thing – Paula Halifax

Remember making Kool-Aid as a kid, or, if you’re anything like me, last week?  Did you ever think to yourself, “If only I could make something stronger this way.”  Well your wish has come true!  Powdered alcohol, called Palcohol, has been approved and is available for all adults of legal drinking age.

Let’s look at some of the pros around this news.  Powder will be a lot easier to store than a bunch of bottles.  It will be lighter, so when you’re stocking up for a big weekend party, you’ll be able to carry it all in the house in one trip.  There are four flavors; cosmopolitan, margarita, vodka, and rum, so those who have a scientific curiosity can start mixing the powders to create their own alcoholic concoctions.  It’ll be a lot easier to hide from the parent’s when they are out of town.

Of course, whenever there is something completely new available, there will be the naysayers wanting it stopped before it can begin.  Some states are already moving to place bans on Palcohol stating potential abuse by minors, afraid they will figure out how to abuse it, because, you know, that doesn’t happen with the regular stuff right now.  There is also fear some may choose to snort it instead of drinking it.  Makes me wonder if there are kids out there snorting Kool-Aid for fun?

Palcohol should be available this summer wherever you go to buy your other liquid libations.  Just remember to keep it away from your Kool-Aid collection, you don’t want to serve it at the next kid’s birthday party by mistake!

Puff, Puff, Pass…..the Pufferfish; Dolphins getting high – Paula Halifax

Pretty soon we are going to have to have animal jail.  In a previous article, I discussed rabbits getting high on marijuana, now we learn dolphins have their own recreational drug activity; pufferfish!

In  a study done by BBC One which included over 900 hours of footage, it was discovered dolphins have perfected the art of making a pufferfish puff up, turning them into the shape of a ball, where they will pass it back and forth, playing with it.  When the pufferfish is fed up with the game, it will release their toxins into the water.  In the video footage, you can see the dolphins then playing in the toxin and getting “high” off of it.

While toxin in pufferfish can be lethal to humans, it appears the dolphins have perfected this “puff puff pass the pufferfish” game.

***Warning, do not try this at home!***

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Sing along with Stewie; When Characters sing ‘Uptown Funk’ – Paula Halifax

Covers of popular songs are done every day, all you have to do is search YouTube for your favorite song and you will find multiple versions ranging from some of the best cover artists to some of the worsts.  It isn’t often you get the opportunity to hear some of your favorite characters, like Stewie, singing the popular songs quite in the way Mikey Bolts shows us in this YouTube video.

Taking the fun, chart topping, song like Mark Ronson’s ‘Uptown Funk’ replace Bruno Mars with:  Family Guy characters Stewie, Peter, Joe, Herbert the Pervert, Quagmire, Neil Goldman, Bruce; From American Dad: Director Bullock and Roger; and throw in Hank from King of the Hill and you have a true cast of characters belting out the popular song in a way you never imagined. 

It appears Bolts was having fun with this video and his impressions are great.  You could see different aspects of the characters coming out as he sang. 

Imitation is the purest form of flattery and I say Bolts would make all parties proud.


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Eight Year Old Calls and complains about missing Sunday Comics – HaliPawz

Imagine, if you will,  8 years old, sitting down on a Sunday morning, drinking your hot chocolate, opening up the Sunday paper, getting ready to read your favorite section, the comics, only to discover your favorites were gone!   What do you do?  You get mad!  At least one 8 yr old did.

Mac, a resident of Bloomington, Illinois, was mad and decided to do something about it.  He reached out to the editor of the Herald-Times of Bloomington, Bob Zaltsburg and demanded the comics come back to the Sunday paper.  According to Zaltsburg, the cuts were due to budget cutbacks resulting in fewer comics overall.

Impressively, Mac didn’t just demand which comics were to come back, he also offered up the money to PAY for them to be back!

Now, in fairness, I admire the parents for making the call.  I do, however, have an issue with the language the young man uses at the end of the call, calling them, “idiots, jerks,  sh*tholes.”  Saying “sh*tholes” more than once, perhaps for emphasis, is a little extreme for a child, but I’m sure he got his point across!

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