Eight Year Old Calls and complains about missing Sunday Comics – HaliPawz

Imagine, if you will,  8 years old, sitting down on a Sunday morning, drinking your hot chocolate, opening up the Sunday paper, getting ready to read your favorite section, the comics, only to discover your favorites were gone!   What do you do?  You get mad!  At least one 8 yr old did.

Mac, a resident of Bloomington, Illinois, was mad and decided to do something about it.  He reached out to the editor of the Herald-Times of Bloomington, Bob Zaltsburg and demanded the comics come back to the Sunday paper.  According to Zaltsburg, the cuts were due to budget cutbacks resulting in fewer comics overall.

Impressively, Mac didn’t just demand which comics were to come back, he also offered up the money to PAY for them to be back!

Now, in fairness, I admire the parents for making the call.  I do, however, have an issue with the language the young man uses at the end of the call, calling them, “idiots, jerks,  sh*tholes.”  Saying “sh*tholes” more than once, perhaps for emphasis, is a little extreme for a child, but I’m sure he got his point across!

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