Sing along with Stewie; When Characters sing ‘Uptown Funk’ – Paula Halifax

Covers of popular songs are done every day, all you have to do is search YouTube for your favorite song and you will find multiple versions ranging from some of the best cover artists to some of the worsts.  It isn’t often you get the opportunity to hear some of your favorite characters, like Stewie, singing the popular songs quite in the way Mikey Bolts shows us in this YouTube video.

Taking the fun, chart topping, song like Mark Ronson’s ‘Uptown Funk’ replace Bruno Mars with:  Family Guy characters Stewie, Peter, Joe, Herbert the Pervert, Quagmire, Neil Goldman, Bruce; From American Dad: Director Bullock and Roger; and throw in Hank from King of the Hill and you have a true cast of characters belting out the popular song in a way you never imagined. 

It appears Bolts was having fun with this video and his impressions are great.  You could see different aspects of the characters coming out as he sang. 

Imitation is the purest form of flattery and I say Bolts would make all parties proud.


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