Puff, Puff, Pass…..the Pufferfish; Dolphins getting high – Paula Halifax

Pretty soon we are going to have to have animal jail.  In a previous article, I discussed rabbits getting high on marijuana, now we learn dolphins have their own recreational drug activity; pufferfish!

In  a study done by BBC One which included over 900 hours of footage, it was discovered dolphins have perfected the art of making a pufferfish puff up, turning them into the shape of a ball, where they will pass it back and forth, playing with it.  When the pufferfish is fed up with the game, it will release their toxins into the water.  In the video footage, you can see the dolphins then playing in the toxin and getting “high” off of it.

While toxin in pufferfish can be lethal to humans, it appears the dolphins have perfected this “puff puff pass the pufferfish” game.

***Warning, do not try this at home!***

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