Artistry in Nature – Paula Halifax

It is often understood an artist creates beauty for themselves and then share it with others to enjoy, but imagine creating true works of art for over a year, knowing over time, all you would have left are the pictures?  That is exactly what artist Spencer Byles did.

After obtaining all of the necessary legal documents, Byles set out into the unmanaged forest of La Colle Sur Loup, Villeneuve Loubet and Mougins with just basic tools to create far from basic pieces of art.


Byles learned to enjoy working by himself, learning to appreciate the quiet peace the forests in France  had to offer.  He spent time locating areas for his work, but set out with no real plan in place as to what his designs were going to look like.


Byles worked to make sure the photographs would capture the true essence of the pieces he created.


He used only natural pieces as well as things he found with minimal effort, such as keys, nails, things left behind by animals or people.  ‘

All in all, I would say he captured nature in a beautiful way.

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The Hares Likes to Get High; Rabbits getting high on Marijuana – Paula Halifax

In the never ending battle of why or why not marijuana should be legalized, another caveat has been thrown into the mix.  High Hares, rabbits that is.  DEA agent Matt Fairbanks has expressed concern towards the wild rabbits living in the Utah.  He feels they are getting high off of the marijuana plants and are losing their fear of humans because of it.

“I deal in facts. I deal in science,” Fairbanks stated in his testimony to the Utah Senate Panel.

Fairbanks went on to share his concern about growing marijuana and the damage it will have on the natural resources of the mountains of Utah, including erosion, contaminated water, and damaged flora.

While there may be some backing to his concerns, the problem lies within those who are growing it illegally, not with the companies who want to grow it legally for medical purposes.  Those proposed growths would happen inside or within contained areas, much like any farmer grows his or her crop.  As with any farming situation, there is some damage done to the land, but it is contained and watched, like any business.  A business owner isn’t going to want his crops going to the wildlife, that will affect his profit!

All in all, illegal activity is illegal activity and can affect those around it, even the rabbits as they sit back, munching on the new green leaves introduced to them.  With regulated growth of the plant, let us embrace the positive it can do for those who are suffering and get the rabbits of Utah into a detox program!