Washer and Dryer Bliss

I had been putting off saying anything about this because I didn’t want to hear “wow, for someone not working, you are buying a lot” but I don’t care. I want to share my happiness. I had been nursing my washer & dryer for almost a year. The washer drained water into my basement every time it washed. It only worked on one speed and cycle and sometimes even that didn’t work if you didn’t balance the clothes in there just right. If they did get unbalanced, it would sound like a jackhammer. A couple weeks ago, my mom & I went to Nebraska Furniture Mart. I had done my research. Had the one I wanted picked out, etc. I completely changed my mind & ended up with a 4.8 cubic foot Samsung washer & Dryer. A week later, they were delivered. I LOVE it. I just wish they had mentioned the steam part on the dryer would need a longer hose than it came with if your water hook ups weren’t in the middle. I still don’t have that part hooked up. It is so nice to be able to put every bit of the darks in one load once a week (I used to do laundry about every 2-3 days) Of course it also helps that I’ve lost weight so I have more clothes to choose from. LOL I know it’s crazy to be so excited about a washer & dryer but I am. I love the look, the sounds they make (yes, that’s the geek in me), the efficiency. I even love the color of the lights on it! LOL It is the little things that excite me sometimes! Even the dryer lights up blue when you open it instead of boring white! It has a clear lid so I COULD watch my clothes wash the entire time. I haven’t done that YET but I’m sure I will at some point. LOL

One thought on “Washer and Dryer Bliss

  1. […] the house, I remembered I had thrown some towels in the washer. Running downstairs, I opened the dryer and saw some clothes in there.  No surprise.  I’m horrible about emptying it. I […]

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