Cultural Crazy

What is crazy?  Do we view crazy based on our own beliefs, upbringing, morals?  I find it interesting that we see someone do something that we wouldn’t necessarily do and we think….that is CRAZY!  I know I’m guilty of it.  What really brought it to my attention is all the “crazy” stuff I have been seeing on social media and I think to myself, “Why do they do that?  That’s crazy!  No one should do that!”  Then I stop and think about WHY is it crazy?

My first thought when I see people rubbing themselves with oil and lighting themselves on fire.  CRAZY, INSANE  Anything that brings a change to the body for pure fun and amusement of others has to be crazy.  Then I think wouldn’t tattoos be considered crazy then?  Tattoos bring a change to the body.  Some tattoos are on places that the actual owner of the tattoo cannot see it so only others can see it.  Does it amuse others?  Does it disgust others?  Does it matter?  Please understand, I have no problem with tattoos, I’m just saying, how is a tattoo any different than someone lighting themselves on fire and putting it out resulting in some scarring any different?  Is it different if the person doesn’t know it could cause a scar but a person getting a tattoo KNOWS they are getting the tattoo?  I don’t know that answer.  Do you?

Cultural Crazy causes us to look at how others view the crazy actions of others.  For example, someone that grew up in New York City might think someone that straps themselves to a bull for 8 seconds risking bodily harm is crazy.  At that same respect, someone growing up in the country where everyone knows everyone might think holding a friends chest until they pass out is insane and they would never do it.

Do we, as a society, try to align ourselves with like minded “Craziness Level” Assessors?  Do we look to our friends and family for confirmation of what should be viewed as crazy and what should be viewed an normal fun activities?

I used to say, well if it brings potential danger and loss of limbs / life then it is crazy.  But that isn’t true.  Something as simple as climbing up and painting something on a water tower COULD lead to loss of limbs / life if the person should happen to fall, yet country singers write about that activity all the time.

Consider the following and think how you would judge the “crazy” rating:

Is setting yourself on fire any different than riding a bull?

Is driving 150 mph in an oval shape any different than barrel racing?

Is skydiving any different than deep sea diving?

Is surfing any different than running with the bulls?

Is smoking weed any different than drinking alcohol?

Now think about those same activities with the mindset that you knew nothing about them ahead of time.  Would they seem any crazier?

Now let’s take it another step.  Do you believe that there is a difference between country activity crazy and city activity crazy?

Is there a racial difference between what is accepted crazy and what isn’t?

At the end of the day, the next time you say…..”That is CRAZY!”  Stop and think about what it is that makes it crazy and is there anything you do or your friends do that would be equally as crazy to the person you are judging?


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