Deflated Balls in Your Face. Another Win for the NFL! My Ramdomocity Submission-HaliPawz

As a new writer, it is easy to sit and post a blog about your thoughts and ideas to share with friends and family, because, let’s face it, they will either read it or ignore it.  They know your personality.  As you reader count increases, you begin to realize maybe there is something to your writing.  I recently decided to take a chance and I sent Randomocity a link to my work.  I wanted to be considered for position they had open.  I didn’t know if anything would come of it.  It is never easy to have someone new review your work at your request.

I received an email back asking me to listen to a recent podcast and write about something discussed without repeating what others have already said.  Sounds simple, right?  WRONG!  They wanted it by the end of the week, the problem was, I was just reading it on Friday!  Because multiple people were CC’d on the email, it had inadvertently gone into my SPAM folder.  It had been sent on Tuesday.

I went upstairs to my office to begin working right away.

It was no problem to listen to the podcast, I actually like listening to them. They are funny, witty, and put a twist on current events.  As I sat listening, I was also typing up my “about me” info they had requested.  I had just finished putting the comment in the email about how much I am NOT a sports person, so I probably wouldn’t be able to contribute much in that area when I hear them talking about “Deflated Balls”  Ugh!  Not those again.  I finished the email part and just listened to the rest of the podcast, staring at a blank word document.

I went back to the email, reread what they were looking for from me, reread my “about me” portion, and laughed.  I was going to write about sports!  The words flowed quickly, I proofread it, and loved it.  I think it is important for a writer to lover their own work.  I asked in my email if I could also put it on my blog.

They liked it!  Not going to lie, I was happy!  Not only did they like it, they actually wanted to post it on it on their site!

Here is a preview of my submission.

I am not a sports fan.  I admit it openly and often.  Throughout my dating life, I had the pleasure, or displeasure, of dating college athletes, former professional athletes, and, well, men in general.  Imagine that, a heterosexual woman dating a man?  Anyway….one thing I have learned from dating these athletes; they LOVE sports.  I mean, LOVE sports.  I don’t.  I don’t appreciate Sports Center being on the television 24/7, I don’t appreciate having to rearrange my schedule just because there is a game to watch.  I will watch a sporting event live but I think it is because I love the excitement in the air from the fans.  It’s infectious.  I just don’t see the point of watching it on TV.  Too many commercials, too drawn out, too many instant replays.  It just gets annoying.

I know the Super Bowl is this Sunday.  I’m pretty sure everyone in America knows it unless they are living off the grid.  It is bad enough for two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, we non-sports fans are subjected to all things football and beyond.  Of course, the appetizer recipes aren’t all bad, so I guess there is a win for us somewhere.

I try to ignore the Super Bowl hype lead up.  I tend to not watch commercials anyway, I DVR most of my shows.  This year, I was forced to learn about deflated balls.  Here is something I discovered; it doesn’t matter how old you are, how famous you are, you can still be an adolescent child when the opportunity presents itself…..

                        To Finish Reading, Click Here to Visit Randomocity’s Website

Enjoy or Ignore the Super Bowl today; you won’t escape those Deflated Balls!

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