Ringling Brothers Elephants Leaving the Big Top – HaliPawz

Have you been a fan of the Elephants at the circus?  Well you better hurry up and go see them, because they are being pulled from all of the Ringling Brother’s shows by 2018.

It appears they have had a lot of negativity on the use of the elephants in the show.  For some reason, people are ok with domesticated animals being part of a show, but not wild animals.  The shift is for more human acts, more dog acts, etc.

In addition to the loud protesters, cities have jumped on the bandwagon and said they do not want a circus with elephants.   My question would be, why?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for animals being treated well.  I don’t believe any animal should be abused.  IF, in fact, the problem is the animals are being abused, that should be what is addressed, not getting rid of them entirely.

Kids LOVE the elephants.  Elephants are majestic creatures and love to work.  It is obvious when you see them helping out in countries where they are not necessarily in captivity, but are still used similar to how horses and donkeys are used here in the United States.  I like watching the elephants perform.  Again, I am not saying I want animals to be abused, and I do not CONDONE animal abuse in any way.  All I’m saying is, why can’t we have the Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My….but with proper care and consideration for the animals?

Yes, it is enjoyable but it also builds awareness of the plight of so many animals.  If Ringling Brothers would keep the elephants and put so much of their profit back into trying to keep those that are in the wild safe, instead of so many being killed for their ivory, I think they would have a much better response then just getting rid of them completely.

Not only that, but they eat a lot.  If they aren’t performing, WHO is going to pay to keep them fed and alive?  They have a median life span of 17 years.  I just think sometime, people yell without thinking about the whole picture.  I wonder how many of those who are cheering over this decision don’t look back and remember fondly, their trip to the circus when they were children, complete with all the animals!

Let’s work to keep animals safe, both in the wild and in captivity.  Stop poachers.  Stop buying fur. Stop buying ivory.  That is the true tragedy!

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