Cheese, it’s not just for plain snacking anymore – HaliPawz

appetizer cheese

Do you like a nice protein filled snack throughout the day?  Tired of snacking on just a plain cube of cheese?  Here is a great recipe to take your cheese cubes to a whole new level.


Cheese Cubes – I prefer Colby Jack cubes and Sharp Cheddar cubes

Extra Virgin Olive Oil



In a container with a lid, drop your Cheese cubes in.  I tend to only put in the number of cubes I want to eat within a 24 – 48 hour time period

Drizzle with olive oil.

Sprinkle with some Rosemary and Thyme

Put the lid on it and shake shake shake

Remove the lid and enjoy!

appetizer cheese

Colby Jack Cheese Cubes with Olive Oil, Rosemary, and Thyme

Makes an attractive, unique appetizer when hosting a gathering as well.


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One thought on “Cheese, it’s not just for plain snacking anymore – HaliPawz

  1. norcalmom says:

    Looks Yummy!

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