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I recently had an opportunity to select Fisher Nut Exactly Snack Bites Almond Popcorn dipped in Milk Chocolate as an option with PinchMe.  PinchMe is a site that offers you free samples from time to time.  All they ask from you is for you to supply feedback on the products after you try them.  The one bad thing is you have to be quick when they announce the free sample Tuesday or you miss out on things you might really like to try.

peanuts, 15 calories

Fisher Nut Exactly Snack Bites Almond Popcorn dipped in Milk Chocolate

In my most recent box, I received a sample bag of the Almond Popcorn dipped in Milk Chocolate.   I am a fan of popcorn, almonds, and milk chocolate.  I will choose milk chocolate over dark chocolate anytime, but in most healthier solution products, you often see dark chocolate, so I was excited to try this product.  In looking at the ingredients, which consists of:

Ingredients to Fisher Nut Exactly

 Milk Chocolate



Tapioca Syrup

Brown Rice Syrup



Expeller Pressed Sunflower Oil

Sea salt

Ground Bourbon Vanilla Beans

I was pleased because they are pretty cut and dry ingredients. With only 15 calories per snack bite, they would be a nice way to get your sweet tooth and salty desires filled with the same snack.

I opened the bag and was questioning the “snack bite” size.  When I think of a snack bite size, I usually think of something I can pop into my mouth and eat.  These were a little big for that.  I ended up biting them in half.  With that in mind, you had to pay attention to bite it in the right manner or you wouldn’t get any chocolate.  For a snack bite, it requires too much attention!

almond, popcorn, milk chocolate, peanuts

The Bite Size Snack Fisher Nut Exactly

I bit it, being careful to get both the popcorn and the chocolate in my mouth.  Sadly, I was VERY DISAPPOINTED!  It was very bland.  I didn’t taste any flavor.  I took the second piece and bit into just the chocolate, focusing on the taste.  It tasted like cheap chocolate you buy for someone you don’t like.  I would almost prefer smaller sizes with better tasting chocolate to get the 15 calories per bite. Biting into the popcorn side, I tasted a slight saltiness of the popcorn but it was like biting into a packing popcorn piece, not an actual piece of popcorn.  I made a point of the third piece, trying to taste the almond, and I couldn’t.  I can see almond bits in it, but I just couldn’t distinguish any taste exactly.

The best comparison I had for it, other than the bad milk chocolate, was it reminded me of the first time I bit into a rice cake.  I had thought we had come a lot further in the design of lower calorie snack foods.

So disappointed.

If you have tried this product, please share your thoughts in the comments.

****This review was written for a product I received free, compliments of and Fisher Nut Exactly ****

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