Crazy Life / Crazy Schedule….Balancing it all

When I started this blog, it was my intention to log on everyday to post something.  It wasn’t because I thought others would really care what I had to say, but rather, to get into the habit of blogging on a regular basis.

It didn’t happen.  I could leave it at that, but I’m going to continue my thoughts.

I am a single person, no children, but keep a very hectic schedule.  I get tired of people saying to me, you don’t have children, how can you be that busy?  Since when did having children be the only reason that you are busy?  Don’t get me wrong, I know that juggling work, life, career, children’s activities, etc, can keep you very busy, but that doesn’t mean that someone who doesn’t have children cannot also be busy!

I have two dogs, a horse, I work full time, I’m trying to start a side business, I try to volunteer to causes I believe in,  I maintain a home, and still try to maintain a little bit of a social life, although I’m not doing too well at that last part!

It makes me often wonder, How do others manage to do it all?  Am I the only single, non parent, person that struggles to find free time?  How do some people manage to have so much free time?  Is free time overrated?

I’m going to go with that.  Free time is over-rated.  For me, I thrive when I’m busy.  On those rare occasions that I spend half a day catching up on my DVRd shows, I feel like I wasted half the month.  I know I didn’t, but I then think about everything I have to get accomplished and wonder why I didn’t work on any of it.

My biggest piece of advice is to stop judging someone else’s use of time.  What may be important to you might not be to them and vice – versa.  If they say they are busy, respect them.  Don’t let the number of people in the household indicate the level that you feel they should be busy!

Enjoy every moment of your life, accept challenges as they come, drive yourself to do what YOU want to do, and accomplish your goal, even if it takes a little longer than you wanted….at least you accomplished it.

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