Government Butting their nose in – HaliPawz

Is it just me or does it seem like President Obama is pushing his thoughts and ideas on everyone without a care or thought about what “We the People” want.  I shouldn’t just say President Obama, I should say all politicians in general.  I thought the whole purpose of government was for them to represent the majority of the people, but last time I checked, it seems like they don’t care about the people.  Do you know who they care about?  They care about the person / organization with the biggest pocketbook to help them in one way or another.  Instead of being so concerned about the whole, you wash my back I’ll wash yours mentality, we have to see that our country is failing in so many ways.  We have people shooting at people driving by them like they are playing a video game.  We have people not able to afford the new “forced” health insurance but they don’t qualify for assistance or Medicaid.  We have way too many people who “qualify” for Medicaid that should be forced to go out and get a job.  But if they get a job making $100, they lose $300 dollars.  What is WRONG with this system.  I’m not saying I have all of the answers, no one has all of them, but when you have people passing laws that have never had to experience they system, the laws are going to continue failing.  Now this whole, equal pay for each gender law???  Last time I checked, that has been a focus for years, why all of a sudden is it a law?  Who is going to fact check it?  I’m a woman and I still have an issue with it.  OK, so lets say Bob and Sally are both hired the same day for a new company and Bob has 10 years experience and Sally has 2 years experience.  Because it’s the SAME job and they are starting the same day, should they both get the same rate of pay???  OF COURSE NOT!  Bob has more experience!  I see it all the time…..young 23 year olds, fresh out of college thinking they should be paid the same as the 40+ year old at the job twenty years…they think since they are doing the same job, they should get the same pay.  Life isn’t like that!  You have to EARN the right to be up there.  While they may be able to do the same overall job as the next person, they might not have the wisdom to trouble shoot a problem when it arises or to react quickly to a situation like someone who had been doing the job multiple years can.  President Obama says he wants his girls to make the same pay as their male counterparts…..who is he kidding???  Daughters who will be, by all counts, educated at ANY college they want to go to, and will have the title of former President’s daughters???  They are not going to be starting at the bottom of ANY wage bracket.  Their title, history, and name will already earn them a higher wage at ANY job they do.  So anyone that wants a feel good moment and saying….yeah, I want that too….reality is, it’s not going to happen, they will be treated differently their whole lives.  All this new bill will do is cause companies to scramble to find a way to “follow it” without actually following it and make the word force unbalanced, and, in many ways, unfair.  That is the reality of letting people pass laws that are CLUELESS to reality!

We need to make changes.  We need to get people in there that are not motivated by money and greed.  Oh wait, we can’t, because you have to be RICH to even be able to campaign!  But alas, that is a vent for another day!

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