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I received a text message from my niece this morning asking me for the recipe for my Caramel Apple Snickers Dessert.   I immediately came to my blog to pull it up and realized I had never typed it up!  I took all of the pictures the last time I made it, but forgot to write the recipe.  I needed to correct this oversight immediately! Now, yes, the title is misleading, it isn’t really a salad, it’s a dessert, but let’s face it, we all feel better calling it a salad.

Dessert, caramel apple
I will admit, I didn’t come up with the recipe, I found it a while ago, back before I was writing a blog, so I didn’t save the information of where I found it or who had authored it.  I have made some changes to it to suit my preferences and wanted to share it with everyone.  Because it is a nice cool dessert, it makes a nice Fourth of July celebration dish but can be enjoyed all year long.

For my dessert, I chose to use Ambrosia Apples.  You can use any type of apple you want, but I chose these because they are a low acid apple, so more people can enjoy them, they tend to be more sweet, than tart, and they blend well with the other ingredients. If you want a tarter apple, Granny Smith apples may be better for you.

As some of you may recall from my pasta salad recipe, I like to use the half size disposable aluminum steam pans.  I usually buy the pans and lids from Sam’s Club and use them throughout the year.  I never have to worry about remembering my pan after a party.  Depending on the size pan you are using, you can adjust the apples and the snickers to match.


6 Ambrosia Apples (Can use any type of apple you choose)

12-15 Fun Size Snickers Bars (I used the fun size because ounce for ounce,

they are cheaper than the full size ones at Wal-Mart and easier to cut up)

1 16oz tub Cool Whip

1/2 cup Milk

1 5oz package Vanilla Instant Pudding (If you want more pudding flavor,

use two small boxes and 3/4 cup Milk)

Caramel Topping

Chocolate Topping

Handful of chopped pecans (optional)

Before I begin to mix everything, I start by cutting up the apples and the Snicker’s bars.  To speed up the apples, I use my Pampered Chef Apple Peeler Corer Slicer.  It works amazingly well, and then I just have to cut them into a little bit smaller pieces.  I take the peeling off because it’s easier for my mom to eat that way, but if you don’t have anyone with those issues, feel free to leave the peelings on.


Apple being peeled by Pampered Chef Apple Peeler, Corer, Slicer

For the Snickers bars, I found it easiest to flip them over, cut down the middle, then cut along the bar in small, bite size pieces.  It is important to make sure you start with a sharp knife.  I’ve tried it before with a knife I didn’t sharpen, and it was a mess.  When I sharpen the knife right before starting, it cuts through the candy bar very nicely.

Flip Snickers bar over for easier cutting


Chopped up Snickers Pieces

To start putting it all together, I make a small pattern of the caramel topping and chocolate topping on the bottom of the pan.  I know no one sees it, but I think it helps with the flavors being better mixed.


In a mixing bowl, combine the milk and the pudding mix.  Slowly blend in the cool whip.  Once you have it at a nice consistency, fold in  the apples and the snickers pieces.

Once they are all mixed well together, spread the mixture out into the pan.  If you’re like me, I try to smooth it all out, so it’s flat and even, but since it’s a “salad” it doesn’t matter how it looks in the pan.  Well yeah, to me, it does!

Drizzle the caramel sauce and the chocolate sauce over the top.  You can sprinkle some pecans on the top if you want as well.  I know I know, with the Snicker’s having peanuts, why would you add pecans….to that I say….why WOULDN’T you add pecans?  Pecans ALWAYS go with chocolate, caramel, and apples!

Caramel Apple Snickers Salad

Chill for at least an hour before serving.  If you’re taking it to a party, you might want to consider taking another empty pan, put ice in the bottom, and let the salad sit on the ice to keep cold until it is served.


Unlimited Lives on Candy Crush Saga for IOS systems with pictures – HaliPawz

Let’s face it, sometimes we need to take a break from working hard and what do most of us do?  Pick up our cell phone or tablet and start looking at social media, like Facebook and Twitter, or we play games.  I have to admit, my go to game is Candy Crush Saga.  I refuse to get hooked on any other game because I think I can have an addictive personality and if I start with another game, I’ll just be playing two games instead of one.  I am currently on level 867.  I will tell you, if you aren’t there yet, there are some really difficult levels and some pretty easy ones.  The difficult ones are great because they make you think, but at the same time, I hate it when I’m just starting to get into a rhythm, figure out the pattern I want to use to win it, and then I’m out of lives!  If you play CCS on an iPhone, iPad, etc using the IOS (Apple) system, here are the steps to keep playing, even if your friends haven’t given you any extra lives.  I will tell you, if you are playing CCS, please be nice and click on the “Give Extra Moves” option when it pops up, your friends will thank you for it when they are stuck on a level!

OK, to keep playing when out of lives on an IOS system:

Out of Lives on Candy Crush Saga and you want to keep playing

Out of Lives on Candy Crush Saga and you want to keep playing

***One tip to make this go faster, double tap your home button on your iPhone, iPad, etc and you can toggle between CCS and settings****

Step 1 – Go to Settings

iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Screen Shot

Click on Settings

Step 2 – Click on General 

iPhone, CCS, Candy Crush Saga, IOS, Apple

Click on general to get to time date option on IOS system

Step 3 – Click on Date Time Option

CCS Blog Date Time

Step 4 – Slide the “Set Automatically” over so it is disabled

Slide Set Automatically Button over to shut it off

Slide Set Automatically Button over to shut it off

What it looks like when it is disabled or off

What it looks like when it is disabled or off

Step 5 – Move the date forward one day (You can do a couple of hours, but I have found just moving it down one day is easier and faster) When you tap the date you will get a rolling calendar.  See the June 17, 2015 in the picture above?  When I click on it, I get a rolling calendar like the one you see in this picture.

Rolling Calendar on iPhone

Rolling Calendar on iPhone

When you see it, just take your finger and move it from where it is to the next day.  It is the fastest way to do it.

Step 6 – Go to the Candy Crush Saga Game

***One tip to make this go faster, double tap your home button on your iPhone, iPad, etc and you can toggle between CCS and settings****

Candy Crush Saga, iPhone, IOS, CCS

Double Check to make sure it says you have full lives

Step 7 – Go back to your Date Time Settings and switch it back to Set Automatically

(Again, if you double tap the home button, it will take you right back to that screen so it is much faster)

Remember to set your date time back to "Set Automatically"

Remember to set your date time back to “Set Automatically”

Step 8 – Go back and ENJOY YOUR GAME!

Level 861 Candy Crush Saga Screenshot

Level 861 Candy Crush Saga Screenshot

Added Bonus…..if you want to keep your game going on the desktop or laptop version of Candy Crush Saga, just right click on the Candy Crush Saga app in Facebook and select open link in new tab.  Open up five or six of them, give them all time to load, and you have 25 – 30 + lives, depending on how many you open!

How to get extra lives on Desktop or Laptop version of Candy Crush Saga

How to get extra lives on Desktop or Laptop version of Candy Crush Saga

Hope this helps you enjoy your Candy Crush Saga game even more! Remember to pay attention to the time when extending your play, an hour can disappear quickly!

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