Sing along with Stewie; When Characters sing ‘Uptown Funk’ – Paula Halifax

Covers of popular songs are done every day, all you have to do is search YouTube for your favorite song and you will find multiple versions ranging from some of the best cover artists to some of the worsts.  It isn’t often you get the opportunity to hear some of your favorite characters, like Stewie, singing the popular songs quite in the way Mikey Bolts shows us in this YouTube video.

Taking the fun, chart topping, song like Mark Ronson’s ‘Uptown Funk’ replace Bruno Mars with:  Family Guy characters Stewie, Peter, Joe, Herbert the Pervert, Quagmire, Neil Goldman, Bruce; From American Dad: Director Bullock and Roger; and throw in Hank from King of the Hill and you have a true cast of characters belting out the popular song in a way you never imagined. 

It appears Bolts was having fun with this video and his impressions are great.  You could see different aspects of the characters coming out as he sang. 

Imitation is the purest form of flattery and I say Bolts would make all parties proud.


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Eight Year Old Calls and complains about missing Sunday Comics – HaliPawz

Imagine, if you will,  8 years old, sitting down on a Sunday morning, drinking your hot chocolate, opening up the Sunday paper, getting ready to read your favorite section, the comics, only to discover your favorites were gone!   What do you do?  You get mad!  At least one 8 yr old did.

Mac, a resident of Bloomington, Illinois, was mad and decided to do something about it.  He reached out to the editor of the Herald-Times of Bloomington, Bob Zaltsburg and demanded the comics come back to the Sunday paper.  According to Zaltsburg, the cuts were due to budget cutbacks resulting in fewer comics overall.

Impressively, Mac didn’t just demand which comics were to come back, he also offered up the money to PAY for them to be back!

Now, in fairness, I admire the parents for making the call.  I do, however, have an issue with the language the young man uses at the end of the call, calling them, “idiots, jerks,  sh*tholes.”  Saying “sh*tholes” more than once, perhaps for emphasis, is a little extreme for a child, but I’m sure he got his point across!

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Artistry in Nature – Paula Halifax

It is often understood an artist creates beauty for themselves and then share it with others to enjoy, but imagine creating true works of art for over a year, knowing over time, all you would have left are the pictures?  That is exactly what artist Spencer Byles did.

After obtaining all of the necessary legal documents, Byles set out into the unmanaged forest of La Colle Sur Loup, Villeneuve Loubet and Mougins with just basic tools to create far from basic pieces of art.


Byles learned to enjoy working by himself, learning to appreciate the quiet peace the forests in France  had to offer.  He spent time locating areas for his work, but set out with no real plan in place as to what his designs were going to look like.


Byles worked to make sure the photographs would capture the true essence of the pieces he created.


He used only natural pieces as well as things he found with minimal effort, such as keys, nails, things left behind by animals or people.  ‘

All in all, I would say he captured nature in a beautiful way.

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The Hares Likes to Get High; Rabbits getting high on Marijuana – Paula Halifax

In the never ending battle of why or why not marijuana should be legalized, another caveat has been thrown into the mix.  High Hares, rabbits that is.  DEA agent Matt Fairbanks has expressed concern towards the wild rabbits living in the Utah.  He feels they are getting high off of the marijuana plants and are losing their fear of humans because of it.

“I deal in facts. I deal in science,” Fairbanks stated in his testimony to the Utah Senate Panel.

Fairbanks went on to share his concern about growing marijuana and the damage it will have on the natural resources of the mountains of Utah, including erosion, contaminated water, and damaged flora.

While there may be some backing to his concerns, the problem lies within those who are growing it illegally, not with the companies who want to grow it legally for medical purposes.  Those proposed growths would happen inside or within contained areas, much like any farmer grows his or her crop.  As with any farming situation, there is some damage done to the land, but it is contained and watched, like any business.  A business owner isn’t going to want his crops going to the wildlife, that will affect his profit!

All in all, illegal activity is illegal activity and can affect those around it, even the rabbits as they sit back, munching on the new green leaves introduced to them.  With regulated growth of the plant, let us embrace the positive it can do for those who are suffering and get the rabbits of Utah into a detox program!

Ringling Brothers Elephants Leaving the Big Top – HaliPawz

Have you been a fan of the Elephants at the circus?  Well you better hurry up and go see them, because they are being pulled from all of the Ringling Brother’s shows by 2018.

It appears they have had a lot of negativity on the use of the elephants in the show.  For some reason, people are ok with domesticated animals being part of a show, but not wild animals.  The shift is for more human acts, more dog acts, etc.

In addition to the loud protesters, cities have jumped on the bandwagon and said they do not want a circus with elephants.   My question would be, why?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for animals being treated well.  I don’t believe any animal should be abused.  IF, in fact, the problem is the animals are being abused, that should be what is addressed, not getting rid of them entirely.

Kids LOVE the elephants.  Elephants are majestic creatures and love to work.  It is obvious when you see them helping out in countries where they are not necessarily in captivity, but are still used similar to how horses and donkeys are used here in the United States.  I like watching the elephants perform.  Again, I am not saying I want animals to be abused, and I do not CONDONE animal abuse in any way.  All I’m saying is, why can’t we have the Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My….but with proper care and consideration for the animals?

Yes, it is enjoyable but it also builds awareness of the plight of so many animals.  If Ringling Brothers would keep the elephants and put so much of their profit back into trying to keep those that are in the wild safe, instead of so many being killed for their ivory, I think they would have a much better response then just getting rid of them completely.

Not only that, but they eat a lot.  If they aren’t performing, WHO is going to pay to keep them fed and alive?  They have a median life span of 17 years.  I just think sometime, people yell without thinking about the whole picture.  I wonder how many of those who are cheering over this decision don’t look back and remember fondly, their trip to the circus when they were children, complete with all the animals!

Let’s work to keep animals safe, both in the wild and in captivity.  Stop poachers.  Stop buying fur. Stop buying ivory.  That is the true tragedy!

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Movie Review – HaliPawz

Last night I had an opportunity to attend the screening of the movie, The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel at the Glenwood Arts Theater in Leawood, Kansas.  You can read my review about the theater here.

I received the passes the night prior and did not know anything about the movie.  I invited a friend to go with me and as we were sitting, waiting for the movie to start, I asked her if she had looked the movie up?  She had, but only briefly and was surprised I had not.  I quickly googled it from my phone and saw, what appeared to be a strong cast, a very British cast, and they were older.  Richard Gere was in it, Maggie Smith, Judy Dench.  It shouldn’t be bad, I thought.  Probably won’t be an award winner from the plot outline, but not bad.

As I was listening to the other movie goers around me, I heard one talk about the first one.  Oh no!  It’s a sequel and I have no idea what happened in the first one!  Fun!  The other thing I noticed about the group around me was that I felt young.  It was quite packed with an older crowd.

The movie starts and right away, Maggie Smith is winning with her lines.  She quips a few lines and everyone laughs.  A great way to start a movie when I have no clue what to expect.

While Smith’s character continues to win you over throughout the movie, both with her lines, her personality, and her delivery, I cannot say the same for the rest of the movie.  It was confusing in parts, but kept your attention.  It moved from character to character rather quickly.  Most of the story was quite predictable from beginning to end, with only one or two surprises. The characters won you over though.  They were charming, and you felt like you were part of the movie, not just an outsider watching it.

I loved Judy Dench’s character, Evelyn in as much as she admitted she was older, but she was embracing a new career doing something she loved to do.  What started as a hobby for her evolved into something so much more.  I think it reminded everyone to never stop doing what you love and follow the path it leads you.

As Sonny (Dev Patel) bumbly (yes, not sure if that is a word, but I’m using it!) goes between trying to make his dream of expansion a reality and prepare for his wedding, you cannot help but like him and it makes it believable why all of the characters formed a family here at the Marigold Hotel.

Speaking of weddings…..I LOVED LOVED LOVED the wedding scene.  I think Indian weddings are so beautiful and I hope to go to at least one in my lifetime.  The director and actors did a wonderful job portraying it and you couldn’t help but be happy and celebratory during the scene.  I had watched a documentary on Indian weddings and preparations once and was fascinated by it.  It was a great “feel good” part of the movie.

Overall, did I love it?  No.  Did I like it?  Yes.  I can see why it would be liked by those categorized as “active boomers”.  It was filled with love, life, romance, and clear to all that age really is JUST a number!

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Glenwood Arts Theater, My Review – HaliPawz

Last night I had an opportunity to go see a movie screening at Glenwood Arts Theater 3707 West 95th St, Leawood, KS 66206.  It was my first time ever being there, so I didn’t know what to expect.  I had actually never heard of it.  As we were driving there, my friend thought it was at another location.  Come to find it, it had JUST moved to Leawood from Overland Park about two weeks ago, so it was a good think Google had updated their directions already because I just asked “Siri” to find Glenwood Arts Theater Leawood, Kansas.  As we were already running late, it could have been a disastrous!

My phone was telling us we had arrived, but there was NOTHING resembling a movie theater.  I was familiar with this shopping center because I go there at least once or twice a year with my mom so she can get her S.A.S. shoes when she is down visiting.  I’ve been in the ACE store.  I could not imagine where there was a movie theater.  After some discussion and looking at the sign, which did indicate there was a movie theater, we decided to go in the main doors and look around.

The minute we opened the doors, we knew we were close because you could smell the popcorn.  There is NOTHING like the smell of movie theater popcorn.  We went down the stairs and saw the entrance.  I am hoping they plan on marking it better for people to find, but, in talking to some of the other attendees, they remember going there as a child, so perhaps it is not marked to keep those who are not from the area away!

The theater had an old style charm about it.  You could tell it was not new at all.  The seats, while comfortable, were extremely narrow and leaned back quite a bit, whether you wanted to lean back or not.  The aisles were quite close together, so if someone was walking down the aisle behind you, it was very easy for you to get bumped with their hand or their coat.  One lady managed to hit my head at least three times trying to get to her seat!  Normally I would just lean forward, but remember what I was saying about the seats?  It was almost impossible to get away without actually leaning all the way forward in the seat, which I did after the second hit, but she still managed to connect with her coat one final time before passing and me leaning.

Because we were late, we ended up sitting up front.  Normally, in newer movie theaters, I would hate it, because it’s too close.  In this one, it was OK.  Perhaps it was due to leaning so far back!  Seriously though, it wasn’t bad, I was able to see the whole movie without feeling like I was IN the movie.

I went to get popcorn and have to commend the theater on the experience.  The two gentlemen behind the counter were extremely friendly.  They worked together.  They joked around with the customers.  It truly made me feel like I had gone back in time.  The prices were average, for a large popcorn and large drink, it was about $10, too much? Yes.  Normal pricing for a movie theater?  I would say so.  The nice thing is, the popcorn was good.  I cannot say what they do differently than the bigger theaters, other than it was popped fresh and the ingredients were put in all separate instead of a package?  I’m not sure, but even my friend commented on the taste of the popcorn.  They didn’t skimp on the butter either.  When you ask for extra butter, they give it to you.

My real complaint, other than the seats but I could live with them, was the sound from the other theaters.  When it was a quiet moment in our movie, you could hear the sounds from the other ones pretty bad.  At one point, before I realized it wasn’t our movie, I was trying to listen because I thought I was missing something.  I understand it is an older theater and the sound in newer movies probably overpower the walls, but it was a little distracting at first.

Overall, I would go see a movie there again, I loved the charm of the theater, you felt like you had walked back in time a little.  I wouldn’t make it my “go to” Movie Theater though.

Relationship Happiness; Someone else’s fairy tales – HaliPawz

Little girls love reading fairy tales.  They love the ending where the prince whisks the princess away and they live happily ever after.  The End.

Growing up, I was not one of those girls.  I didn’t believe in them.  My analytical brain would break them down, point out the flaws, and chalk them up to ridiculousness.  My mom tells me I never cared for them; even before I was reading.  I don’t really remember because I was reading chapter books by kindergarten. Reading has always been something I loved to do, just not fairy tales.  I remember reading a huge book of stories my mom had from when she was a child. I loved it. It was filled with great stories about children, animals, etc.  I could accept talking animals but not fairy tales.  It probably explains all my issues today!

Science is something else I am comfortable with.  Science made sense. “If this, then that” mentality works for me.  It helped me for so many years in the optical industry. I could hear a problem and work through it to find a solution for the patient.  It was one of the reasons I was great at optics.  I believe my love for science and my dislike for fairy tales is the reason I never jumped on the “sci-fi” bandwagon.

As an adult, I still shied away from believing in “Happy Ever After.”  I learned through years of hurt, disappointments, and relationship failures I was better off helping others than thinking I would find happiness. I accepted the path.  I’m ok with it.  I’m happy with who I am.  This is not a “woe is me” blog. The ironic thing is, I am GREAT at helping others with relationships.  I always point out to my friends and acquaintances who come to me, “you know I suck at my own relationships, are you sure you want to ask me?” They still ask, I still answer, and, I’m almost always right.  I hate when it’s bad news I’m delivering to them because I WANT to be wrong, but I know I’m not. I remember one time, I discussed the direction a friend’s relationship was going to take almost step by step.  She thought I was crazy. I broke it down to days…”within 2-3 days, he’s going to do this or say that”…and I was correct every step I said,+/- a day or two.  Those odds are great when it’s good news and a happy relationship, not so good when I’m delivering bad news.

Please understand, I WANT my friends and family to have happy, healthy relationships. Just because I know it’s not meant for me doesn’t mean I don’t want it for others.  I love solving problems, I love making others happy. I will spend two hours on the internet scouring website after website looking for the perfect gift for someone I care about. I do it, not so they acknowledge how great the gift is, but because I would be so appreciative if someone did it for me.  To let someone know you cared enough to spend time THINKING about them, knowing enough about them, and then finding something they might not have even realized existed, is the best feeling.  I may come across to some as cold-hearted, one close friend even refers to me as “The Cold Hearted Assassin” but I honestly love making people laugh, smile, or just happy.  It makes me happy.

In my twenties, I was recovering from a difficult divorce which left me with huge trust issues.  The day I signed my divorce papers I learned so many things about my ex-husband; I didn’t even know who he was. I could not believe I shared a home and a life with a man I didn’t even know.  He had repeatedly lied to me and I was clueless.  Was I really so naïve? I learned to just date.  Honestly, dating for me was almost like alcohol to an alcoholic.  It was always “one more” and I didn’t care.  I was on a path filled with hurt but I wasn’t willing to venture off the path because every time I did, it was met with someone else lying to me.

I started working at Sam’s Club in 2001 and switched focuses.  I was obsessed with moving up the company ladder.  I didn’t give up dating but it did slow down.  I even met someone I liked.  Thought there was a possibility of a real future.  I accepted a promotion which, sadly, would take me away from my family, but I accepted because he was going to move with me, except he didn’t.  It was one excuse after another, but bottom line, I didn’t care about the excuses, I just knew I was alone in a city I knew no one, and it was rough.  My Happily Ever After thwarted again.

I knew I wasn’t going to make the same mistakes though.  I wasn’t going to have a flavor of the week.  I was too busy, for one, and I wanted a more meaningful, deeper connection.  Sadly, I learned, Kansas City is NOT the city to be single in.  The number of men I met who would lie to your face, put you at the bottom of their priorities, or would just want to sleep with you but not date was astounding! Don’t get me wrong, I’d have relationships here and there, but they always ended, usually badly.

I started to see a pattern. Patterns are good for me.  My analytical brain loves to break down patterns, determine where the hiccup was, and try to establish a new pattern.  Some of the patterns became funny to me.  For example, there were a couple of guys who lingered and I don’t know why.  I didn’t leave the door open, I would say we were through, but it was almost like they had a sensor and whenever I had met someone and thought, hey, this might work, I would get a text or call from them.  I would honestly just chuckle about it. They NEVER seemed to understand, even when I would tell them I’m dating someone and I’m happy.  They would disappear and resurface months later. One in particular, I could almost use a text from him as a confirmation I had met someone new.   Maybe he secretly has my phone tapped.  Who knows? It is funny to me.

I say all this because I understand patterns. I would meet men who were unavailable and have some of the best friendships with them.  Perhaps it was because they were unavailable, I let my walls down and let them get to know the real me.  The hard part is, sometimes they would fall for me.  They loved my personality, they loved my passion for life.  I began to believe I was cursed.  Men I couldn’t have loved me, but I couldn’t find a man I could love.

I gave up.  I accepted the fact I was here to help.  I was here to love, but only as someone who loves others, not to be in love.  I was here to write about my pain, my problems, so others would know it isn’t always Happily Ever After and its ok! You can STILL be HAPPY.  Don’t let a relationship status define your happiness.

The irony of this whole blog is the timing.  I started this weeks ago after discussing with a friend my happiness and happy ever after philosophies.  But I just couldn’t finish it.  I got as far as the first two paragraphs and would stop and rewrite.

Then I did something I never do.  I prayed. As a Christian, I believe in God, or a higher spirit, I just don’t really believe in organized religion.  When I pray, I don’t ask for anything for myself unless it’s wisdom or guidance. I may pray for the right words for someone.  I just don’t pray for things to make myself happy.  This time I did. I figured, it can’t hurt.  Within two days, I met someone.  I felt drawn to him, to help him. Conversations escalated quickly and I knew I could help him but I was disappointed.  Here was someone falling for me but I wasn’t falling for him. Ok God, message heard loud and clear.  I’m only here to help.  To fix problems.  I was disappointed but it was ok.

God has a sense of humor, I honestly believe He does.  I think he toys with those of us he knows can handle it just to break up the drudgery of dealing with those who always need Him.  The Bible says we are created in the likeness of Him, well look at brother / sister dynamics.  Look at close cousins.   The teasing / picking on each other has to come from somewhere.

God loves to mess with me, I’m convinced.  A couple of days after meeting the one I felt needed help, I met the most amazing man.  He was the type you say, dang, I’d marry him tomorrow if he asked me, knowing deep down, he wouldn’t, because stuff like that only happens in fairy tales and Hallmark movies.  My point is, it crossed my mind.  I laughed it off.  Silly girl thoughts.

Only I couldn’t ignore it like I had before.  I couldn’t just blow it off. I am careful about emotions. I don’t like them, except happiness.  I don’t trust love because I bomb at love.  I hate being hurt because it makes me feel weak and a little sad because I end up running when I’m hurt.  I hate being sad because no one ever wants to be sad.  So happiness is the only emotion I try to allow myself.

Back to patterns and God’s sense of humor.  I have really liked a lot of people, but to say I have loved a lot? No.  I don’t like love.  I don’t trust it.  Anytime I think it could be a possibility, I reassess it or, in almost every case, the minute I EVEN think it, or mention it to someone, within 48 hours, something happens and it explodes.  Trust me, it’s not me sabotaging it, sometimes I don’t even do or say anything to the person and something happens.  I just chalk it up to God getting the person out of my life for me.

With everything I have shared, it may come as a surprise to you, and to me, when something happened just recently, something so sweet and touching, my heart melted and did a flip-flop.  Wait, what? No. Feelings don’t happen that fast for me.  Ugh! I wasn’t ready for it.

I know, this is where you are saying, Aww …yay! Happily Ever After DID happen for her!

I was processing everything and made a phone call to someone who knows me all too well.  My exact words to her were, “I don’t do love” to which she laughed at me then listened to my story.  After I finished, I said, it doesn’t matter now, because it will explode within 48 hours because I acknowledged feelings. She made me assure her I wouldn’t sabotage anything and just see what happened. I promised her.  I knew it wouldn’t matter.  I am not meant for relationship happiness.  I have accepted it long ago, the only difference this time is I wasn’t looking for it.  I had pretty much given up, so I hadn’t prepared myself.

So what happened you wonder? Sadly, the 48 hours passed.  The explosion occurred. It’s ok.  Does it make me sad? Yes, a little, because it affects one of my deepest desires.  Does it hurt? Yes, of course.  I think the worst part is my ability to feel the shift in the other person’s feelings.  It has always been something I have been gifted with, but when it’s directed at me, it is more painful.

At the end of the day, I will survive.  I will do what I always do.  I will strive to be the best person I can be.  I will strive to do the best job I can do.  I will continue to write and share my life, my feelings, and my journey.

I will love.

The End

Me, Randomocity, and waxing

I know everyone blogs for different reasons.  For me, I like to share, inform, entertain, and really just discuss my view on so many subjects.

The nice thing is, I have also teamed up with a great group of guys that are all about sports, comics, geek culture, movies, comedy, humor you name it, we talk about it, hence the name, Randomocity Podcast Network.  It may contain graphic language from time to time.

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